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Proving Yourself Proves The Opposite

If your intention is focused on proving yourself it indicates you have a limiting belief. A desire to prove yourself may indicate you don’t believe that you are enough. It might mean that you have a need to be superior or special. Proving yourself may be expressed with an attitude of superiority, defensiveness or a thought process of comparing yourself to others. Proving yourself never results in lasting fulfillment. Your family, business and community may benefit enormously from your actions but you miss out on the fulfillment. You will rarely be able to receive compliments in a lasting way. You won’t feel like you've done enough and you will need to be better than others or special to be okay. People who gain lasting fulfillment from their contributions have a different intention. Their intention is focused on the contribution they want to make. Their intention is focused on a sincere appreciation for their own value as well as the value of others. Their intention allows them to seek out people who are better than them at certain things and make them a part of their team. There isn't anything wrong with proving yourself. Everyone experiences committing to proving themselves. The point is that proving yourself is a less fulfilling commitment. Additionally, an intention focused on proving yourself can be disruptive in your family and at work. We've all seen the consequences of competition within a team that may produce a winner but it hurts the overall success of the team. A great way to move past the intention of proving yourself is to consciously see the value of others and tell them. Another effective way to raise your level of commitment is to do anonymous acts of service at home, work and in your community. Success requires outward contribution. Fulfillment requires inward growth.

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