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Life Coach - Wilderness Quest Guide - Instructor for Your Infinite LIFE Training & Coaching Company

I would not be able to lead you on this journey toward purpose if I had not pursued it myself.


Once a lawyer who built my purpose within the walls of the courtroom, I could not ignore the innate feeling that I was meant for something else, something more. I shed my skepticism toward self-reflection and was challenged to confront restrictions I imposed on my potential. I decided to embark on an inward journey that revealed my passion for personal growth. I began exploring that passion and found that I come alive when I guide others toward their own calling. I traded my career as an attorney for a role as a certified instructor and life coach. My gift is guiding others toward their true purpose.


Extensive training and exhaustive experience serve as the building blocks for my career as a life advisor. I have served as a certified instructor and life coach for Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company and have been teaching purpose-finding courses since 2001. My clients are people from all walks and stages of life, and I conduct courses for people with various belief systems, including the Jewish Orthodox foundation Heart, Mind and Soul.

Oftentimes purpose-finding opportunities are created outside brick-and-mortar classrooms. My Wilderness Quests provide high-intensity, peak experiences for my clients. The expeditions are tough, but I have the experience to ensure a productive and safe learning environment. I obtained first responder certification from the internationally recognized Wilderness Medicine Institute and have hard-won experience from many outdoor courses, expeditions and vision quests, including National Outdoor Leadership School, Boulder Outdoor Survival School and Animas Valley Institute.

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